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Belief Stories

I think that this post could be easily entitled “Out of a Cave” in the same way that my last one was. I have not posted in a while and that is due to essentially me losing belief in myself. This whole blog is about sharing people’s stories about faith and belief and what has lead them to believe these things. But one of the things that I have not tackled in my interviews so far is belief in yourself. They say that if you don’t believe in yourself no one will right/ I don’t know that I think that is necessarily true. I also don;t believe that I have ever really contemplated my belief in myself because that’s just not what I associate this word with but I’m glad that the event and circumstances of this Winter 2012 term have forced me to do so. I can’t remember a time where I ever really stopped believing in myself, so again that is another reason why I’ve never thought of this critically. I’ve always bounced right back on track and continued to motivate myself and self soothe if is was needed. I’ve always seen the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long or short it was. But as winters here have shown me and this one in particular things can get worse, much worse for that matter before they get better. I lost belief in myself and my ability to withstand the complex and demoralizing realities of unanswered emails and scoffing faces. I learned that humans are infinitely complex yet beautifully strange beings. And that sometimes you can’t win for losing. With that said I fully acknowledge my part in stiffing my personal faith (faith in myself). However on a happier note i’m happy to say that for ever cloud there is a silver lining. So while I may not have been able to fully see my goal realized during the course of this year, I think that the Belief Stories program will be one that will be a bittersweet end. Sweet to see the dream realized, bitter to see that it was not realized earlier. 


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