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Out of a Cave

Hi so I know that the title of my post isn’t exactly the most appealing of sane sounding, but it is somewhat literally what I feel is happening at this very moment. I AM COMING OUT OF THE CAVE IN WHICH I HAVE BEEN HIBERNATING!!!!! This cave has been one that is familiar to many of you i’m sure because it is one that has involved writing, research, and more writing. In the next coming day I have many exciting post to share with you all. I have had a wonderful opportunity to interview and collect the faith stories of many people at Dartmouth and had meaningful conversations about faith and it’s meaning in everyday life with people that I consider friends and mentors. I am excited to get back to you all after this long period of research and reflection. But as always I must leave you with something to ponder and reflect on. This is a preview of what the next post will be discussing:


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