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Superbowl Sunday- Who do you believe will win?

So I am such a football enthusiast that I completely forgot that it was coming on this Sunday. A friend reminded me by asking me what I was doing this Sunday, and when I replied “school stuff” my friend said, “oh so you’re not watching the Superbowl?” I then proceeded to slap my hand on my forehead as I chastised myself for not remembering the most important day of the new year besides the new year itself. Ha…ok so you get it, i’m not much of a football fan and when I “root” for a team its the Tennessee Titans, who didn’t even make it close to the Superbowl this year. And even then it is just because that’s the only station that the t.v. happens to be on.
But with all the Superbowl predictions about who will win or not I just had to tie this in with faith somehow. The Superbowl would cease to exist if the coaches,players,fans, and others had no faith that they could potentially have a shot at winning. In fact the whole exercise would be pretty pointless without some element of belief. And how could I forget the billions of dollars that companies would not make if there were no commercials during this coveted air time. So I leave you with the question: Who Do You Believe Will Win Superbowl XLVI? 
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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