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Hello Once Again~Religion and Politics??????

In the “excitement” and “festivity” of the first draft of my thesis being almost due *sigh* so I have unfortunately left you all to contemplate the wonders of faith and belief alone. And for that I apologize but not completely, but things like this really are much better when you are left to contemplate them alone and explore the deep dark recesses of your mind and then re-immerse yourself into your reality once again. So really you should thank me… And during this period of absence I too have had time to think and re-evaluate.

After watching the State of the Union last week, I thought about faith and its relation to politics and government. While I would like to fill the rest of this thought with something profound and worthy of a Pulitzer I fear that my observation are not quite there,not after this week at least, but I was reminded that the amount of faith that we have in the government is directly translated to our political affiliations or lack thereof. Although religion and politics are best left separate they are eerily similar. I think the phrase “God Bless America” somewhat proves this point that religion and politics are more interconnected than we would like them to  me and then they should be in some instances. Now before I go on I feel that it is necessary to put in a disclaimer that these are just musings of an over-educated, over-programmed, over-comtemplating mind of Master’s student and are in no way endorsing the mix of politics and religion!!!!!!

Ok now that I have that out of the way I wanted to discuss a portion of the book The Children’s Book of Faith. The woman with which I am living had a couple copies of this book around and since the word “faith” was in the title you know I couldn’t resist flipping through, despite the fact that it is a children’s book. In the introduction The author writes “We as Americans have received some extraordinary blessings: material comforts, economic prosperity, breathtaking advances in science, medicine, and technology”.  And with this statement the author goes on to say that this is way we as Americans should have more faith or look through things with a more spiritual lens. Hmmmm…….this is interesting to say the least, and is a thought pattern that many Christian Americans have, and it is interesting because in recent times this though pattern has been hotly contested by Americans of other beliefs. As a “melting pot” America is no longer predominantly a place of one faith, but to be quite honest it really never was if one considers the native religions that were practiced way before the Puritans came to this fair country. But Im going to stop here and perhaps pick this up in a part two at some point if I don’t get distracted by anything else. 



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